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The Amazon

Welcome to the Jungle

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Well what can I say about the Amazon other than WOW! It should really be called the Amaze-on.
Firstly I would like to apologise that there are no photos. As soon as I find someone who knows the first thing about computers I will get them to help me upload them.
Well where was I? Thats right the Amazon, what an amazing place. We flew in to Puerto Maldonado first thing in the morning. As soon as we stepped out of the plane I think we nearly all died. It was about 30·c and 70% humidity, we could bearly breath and instantly started to sweat like pigs. Our guides came to pick us up to take us on the 1hr bus ride to a port to get the boat up the river. The bus ride was one of the highlights of the trip. We were happily cruising along the rather bumpy dirt road in our less than maintained bus. Every now and then the driver would have to stop the bus to find another gear, and I don´t think he found second gear at all. We were all amazed at all the brighly coloured butterflies that were fluttering about, every colour you could possibly imagine.
We were all a little relieved I think when the heavens began to open, it was a small comfort from the overbearing heat. Now this is where the fun begins. The road was made of clay, stones and mud, so guess what happened when it started getting wet. Slowly the backside of the bus started slipping off the road and we were going sideways. Then the bus would realign only to start skidding off again, at one point all the guides jumped out and pushed the bus back on the track. Let me say as funny as it all seemed, some of us were feeling a little vulnerable. We potted along for a bit longer when we came to a high bridge with a sharp turn then steep hill. The driver put his foot to the floor and we were off, half way up however we came to a halt and started slidding backwards to the bridge and huge drop to the river below, now we were thinking "OK we´re going to die" atleast I was anyway. We all jumped out and nearly everyone tried pushing, putting things under the back wheels, but to no avail. Finally after about 5 minutes of constant straining, the poor little bus gave up and died, over heating the raidiator, water was spilling everywhere out the front. After this the bus driver tried parking the bus, which consisted of steering while she quickly speed backwards down the hill toward the dreaded river, he quickly turned it into the trees and basically just crashed it.
So we had to walk for the next 1 or 2 kms until another bus could pick us up. I took my shoes off and just enjoyed splashing in the muddy puddles while everyone else got theirs absolutely filthy.
Well we finally made it to the lodge after a long boat ride on the most unsteady boat, that was kind of like a really long Canoe with an outboard. The lodge was nothing like I was expecting it was really awesome, not fancy, but really cool. Our rooms had walls on 3 sides, but nothing on the 4th side, so we were completely exposed to the elements and nature. We even had to shower with all the little critters watching in the trees if they wanted to. Due to the lack of walls, on our first night we were robbed. Don´t panic, we were robbed by rats, who came in and unzipped my bag and stole my food(cunning), then as a final insult climbed up on Ryans bag and crapped all over it. So we didn´t do that again. There was no electricity and only cold showers, which was fine because that was all you wanted. We were all having about 3 plus showers a day to try to get rid of the constant sweat.
We were up bright and early at 4 the next morning to go hiking. Which was fun considering I had no sleep due to the scampering rats and god only knows what else coming into our room. One tried to jump on my bed but couldn´t get up because of the mosquito net. After that I quickly got out of bed and went and joined Ryan, the next morning there was mouse crap all over my bed. Ryan on the other hand slept like a baby.
I know this log is pretty long but there is so much to tell. I will try to make it as painless as possible, so now I will let you know what animals we saw on our many excursions. We saw A Tamandua (small ant eater) in a tree which was really special as they are rear to see. Unfortunately we didn´t see a Sloth, but ah well. Ryan spotted a small black snake that was highly venomous. The guides were really impressed he spotted it, as the rest of us took atleast a few minutes stareing at the same spot before we could see it. We saw Caimen (small Alligators), Caribana (Giant Rodent, the size of a big pig), Squirrels, Giant Otters, heaps of birds, butterflies and insects. Monkeys, howlers, dusky titi and spider. There were lizards, and a huge snake the guides had killed a while ago as it had come to the lodge and was a very dangerous snake. This snake was so territorial that they had to kill it because it would not leave, and would probably end up killing someone.
We went Pirana fishing, which was crazy. We would catch and release, I was the only one in our group to catch one. I felt really bad cause the hook went partly through his eye. The same thing happened to a girl from the other group, so we comforted ourselves in the thought that they were both down the bottom swimming side by side using their good eyes to guide each other.
Well we had a way wicked time any how, and our Guide William (Strong Peruvian name haha) was awesome. Anyway theres heaps more to tell but i´m getting tired. We are doing the Macchu Picchu thing next so that will be awesome. Until then Hasta Luego.

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