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Survived the first few days!

semi-overcast 26 °C

We are still in Lima, we have moved to our new hotel and will be starting our tour tomorrow. Things have gone well we have managed to comunicate even with our limited Spanish. I am feeling rather tall here (for the first time in my life) with all the little Peruvian people.
We have bargained and had scary taxi rides with more horns beeping than, indicaters. Today our tour guide met us in the hotel lobby where he breifed us on our tour, his name is Frankie. He took us into the main part of Lima, where we watched the changing of the guards at the Presidential Palace. We also had a really nice lunch and did some more sight seeing. On our first night here me and Ryan went for a walk down the water front, which is really a massive cliff that overlooks the sea. There were young people everywhere kissing and hugging. We thought it was hilarious as you wouldnt see that kind of carry on at home. So today I asked Frankie what the teen pregnancy rate was like in Lima, he said some places were high but in general not. It turned out where we were walking was a place called lovers point, thats where everyone goes to get romantic (hence the shananagens).
There are only five people on our tour for the first part and poor Ryan is the only guy, for the first few days anyway, so hes going to be loving the oestrogen tension hehe.
We head into the Amazon tomorrow so that will be cool. We are really looking forward to that, the guide said we may even see a Sloth (my fave animal), which is awesome because I thought they were futher North than where we are going.
If you are wondering why there are no apostrophes its because this keyboard is set up different and I cant find them. Anyway thats all for now will enter another log when we get out of the Amazon.

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Lima, Peru

We fiñally made it.

overcast 25 °C

Hola from Lima,

Well as you can tell we are still alive and kicking. The journey of course was long and tiring, and we are still adjusting to the time zones. But all and all we are OK.
First impressions of Lima in the dark were sketchy to say the least. There was a god aweful stench of seaweed and crab in the air, which as you can imagine to someone who HATES seafood (Holly) was a bit disturbing. I guess it's like the rotten egg smell of Rotavegas, as we have got used to it, that is after all of the dry reaching. We got hounded at the airport by Taxi drivers, but got a pretty good deal to our hotel about US$13 for a half an hour ride. So today we thought we would be hounded again when we hit the markets, but it was pretty laid back and the people didn't bother us much at all so it was great.
They are really lovely people here, very helpful and eager to please. Four young Peruvian girls wanted their photo taken with us at the markets, so we abliged. We will probably end up on some website like uglypeople.com. However it is possible that they mistook us for Brad and Angelina haha. It is pretty warm and muggy, but bearable. On our first venture down the street I found Burger King, so guess what we had for lunch. Unfortunately their patties tasted funny, so no more. Shame really.
Well thats about where we are at at the moment. We are about to go downstairs in our hotel and enjoy a complimentary Pisco and Sours, then take a stroll along the beach which is about a 2 min walk away. Will fill ya in when we have more to say.

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